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Sponsorships and donations

Sitting VolleyballRMK PROMET d.d. Zenica is a reliable and responsible partner, not only towards its customers, employees, partners, investors, but also towards local community, society and environment.

RMK PROMET d.d. Zenica shows for years that it follows social changes and that it has an ability to recognize the needs of society and community where it performs its business.

RMK PROMET d.d. Zenica, through its development strategy, as a socially responsible enterprise, is active for years as a sponsor of cultural and sport events.

d.d. Zenica, through activities aimed towards local community, realizes its public image, and succesfully builds up respectability of the company.

Sport events:

  1. Organizing traditional boxing show "Iron glove - Zenica 2010" in sports hall "Bilmišće" 17.10.2010

  2. Tuzlanka Azra Bećirović, nastavila sa uspjesimaIn order to develop sports and improve the work with youth,  RMK PROMET d.d. Zenica during 2010 was sponsor to:
    • Basketball female club "ČELIK" Zenica,
    • Basketball club "NETS" Zenica  and
    • Disability Volleyball Club "BOSNA" Zenica

  3. European rugby championship for women held at Kamberovića polje in Zenica between 09.05 and 12.05. 2008., where national selection of Bosnia and Herzegovina took part

  4. International tournament of sitting volleyball in Elblag, Poland between 20.06. and 21.06.2008., where Volleyball club for disabled "Bosna" Zenica took part.

  5. Qualifications match of female basketball representation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Zenica between 23.08. and 30.08.2008. with national selections of Turkey, Finland and Poland.

Cultural events:

  1. Fourth International Youth Festival of spiritual songs held at the Bosnian National Theatre in Zenica, 11.09.2010, organized by BZK "PREPOROD"

  2. VrandukOrganizing cultural and entertainment event Days of sevdah "Vranduk 2010" between 11.07 and 17.07.2010 in the castle of medieval royal town Vranduk

  3. Seventh Festival of Bosnian drama held between 31.05 and 07.06.2008. in Zenica at the Bosnian National Theatre

  4. Concert of philharmonic orchestra and graduates of Music Academy held on 17.06.2008. at the Bosnian National Theatre in Zenica.

  5. Second youth festival of ilahije and kaside (islamic spiritual songs) held on 04.10.2008. at the Bosnian National Theatre in Zenica, organized by Bosniak Culture Association PREPOROD